Palais Royal - The Best Paris Photography and Instagram Worthy Locations

The Best Paris Photography and Instagram Worthy Locations - Palais Royal and Le Nemours

Paris is full of gorgeous photography locations. No wonder, so many of these places are among the most instagrammable!


In the following two articles, I will tell you the secrets of organizing a nitty-good photoshoot for yourself, your family or friends at two beautiful Parisian locations - Palais Royal and cafe Le Nemours (next article).


If you prefer to have a professional photo session in Paris with me (wedding, couple, family or lifestyle photoshoot), please contact me here. Reading these articles will give you ideas and inspiration for the photoshoot of your dreams in Paris.


What is the Palais Royal in Paris?

Palais Royal is a palace complex built originally by the famous French architect Lemercier for Cardinal Richelieu. In the 18 century, Palais Royal was known for its revolutionary fervor. By the 19 century, the Palais Royal palace complex gained a reputation as a place of promiscuity. You can enjoy reading about it in the books of a very Parisian writer, Honoré de Balzac!


Today, by far, Palais Royal is one of the favorite photoshoot spots for Parisian photographers who appreciate its excellent lighting at any time of day in any weather conditions. Of course, this is not the only reason!

How to get to the Palais Royal in Paris?

Leave the Louvre through the Passage de Richelieu on the North and walk about 50 meters to Place Colette.


You can easily recognize Place Colette by a colorful and photogenic metro entrance.


By the way, as for the Louvre, the closest metro station is Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre.


The metro entrance at Place Colette was decorated by Jean Michel Otoniel with large multicolored beads strung on an aluminum frame, is often considered to be one of the most original metro stations in Paris. 


Before entering our superb location for photoshoots in Paris - Palais Royal, linger in the Colette square under the arcade of Comédie Française, the only state theatre in France to have its own permanent troupe of actors. The theatre was founded in 1680 by the decree of King Louis XIV. How about taking a few photos at this historic location?


On the other side of the entrance to Palais Royal you will find the famous cafe Le Nemours. You can read about it in the next article. 

Why is the Palais Royal in Paris worth seeing?

This famous attraction in Paris is only a few hundred feet away from the Louvre. It is definitely worth a visit. 


The Domaine National du Palais-Royal offers traces of the three centuries of architecture. Besides, Modernism has left its imprint on the scenery, too. What else did you expect? This is Paris! :)


Architect Buren installed 260 black and white striped columns here in 1986. Similar to the construction of the glass pyramids at the Louvre, the modern addition to Palais Royal found its many disgruntled critics.


You will also find here a fabulous garden but we'll talk about it a bit later.

Should you organize your photoshoot at Palais Royal?

As a photographer in Paris, I must say that I like the geometry of these black and white columns at Palais Royal much better than the parking lot for service cars that used to be here before!


These columns of varying heights serve as an excellent and out-of-the-ordinary Paris photoshoot location


Bloggers and tourists from around the world love getting creative at Palais Royal, standing, jumping, running, or sitting on the showy black-and-white striped columns.


If you come here after 4 pm, you can see this place turning into a big playground with the younger school children playing here after their day at school. 

Use Emily In Paris filming location as your Paris photoshoot location!

Did you binge-watch Emily in Paris? Are you dreaming of a photo session on a filming location of this famous series? Then, I have great news for you.


Emily's office in Paris is supposed to be right at the Eastern exit from the Palais Royal. 


Here in the garden of Palais Royal, Emily first meets her friend Mindy, a nanny living in Paris, while eating lunch.

Palais Royal Photo session ideas

You too can start with the garden. 


If you come in spring, you can count on a photoshoot with tulips and magnolia flowers in the background. 


In summer, you will enjoy the thick and fragrant air with the balmy perfume of roses during your photo session.


Take a relaxing pose at the central fountain. You can also have fun photographing effective water splashes.


Stroll in the shadows of perfectly trimmed chestnut alleys to make artful photos with shadows.


Go around the galleries framing the square, or explore the colonnades near the main entrance for more artistic backgrounds.

I'll share with you more pointers for your Paris photo shoot, including the best time to take photos, and ideas for a photo session in a cafe frequented by well-known French and international politicians, movie stars, and fashionistas.

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