How to Prepare for an Amazing Couple's Photoshoot in Paris - Part 2

How to prepare for an amazing love story photoshoot in Paris - Part 2

Top Tips from your Photographer in Paris

(You can find the Part 1 of this article here: How to Prepare for an Amazing Couple's Photoshoot in Paris)

Being in love, well-rested, and in a good mood is all you need to look amazing in the photos I take during our photo session in Paris but a couple of tips below could be helpful.

 4. Do I really need to get my body ready for a photoshoot?

It might surprise you. Do you really need to make an effort to prepare your body for a photoshoot? 


The answer is 'YES!' 


Please be reassured, you don't have to go on a three-week detox, but a minimum of prepping can be helpful. 


Here's what you can do to look your best on your memorable Paris photoshoot day:

Stay hydrated!

Make sure you drink enough water for at least three days before the shoot. Drinking plenty of water before the photo session makes the skin toned. It helps your skin better react to the makeup, and your face will better take the light for photos. Staying hydrated will ensure a more beautiful effect.


No salt before your photoshoot

I know French cuisine is delicious and you'll be tempted to taste almost every dish you'll find around. So please make sure to avoid eating salty food the night before your photo session in Paris. 


Salt makes the body retain water and causes a bloated appearance in the morning, a bit like the day after a big night out. And as we'll be shooting likely early in the morning... 

Limit alcohol

I know, now I sound more and more like your mom but for the same reason than above, avoid drinking too much alcohol before your photoshoot. Believe me, you will appreciate having a fresh face with no puffy eyes on your photos.


Go to bed early the night before the photoshoot. You will feel great and your skin will glow - a fantastic combination before your couple's photo session.

No stress

Relax and don't worry about our photoshoot or anything else. Enjoy your time in Paris, forget about your work. We'll have a great time together, I promise!

Preparing for Your Paris Photoshoot: How to Look Good

If you want to use a photoshoot in Paris as a special occasion to groom yourself, here's what you can do:


  • Visit the hairdresser before the shoot. Avoid risky cuts or new styles you might not like.
  • If waxing is necessary, do it early to avoid redness and irritation on your special occasion day.
  • If possible, pay attention to not biting your nails.


If you want to hire a hair or/and make-up artist in Paris, I will be happy to share the contacts of the professionals I usually work with. It will help if you prepare photos of your favorite looks. The more detailed this is, the higher the chance you'll be happy with the result.

5. What to wear for your Paris photoshoot

A couples photoshoot is a beautiful occasion to pose in the outfits you love. You can choose one, two, three or even more outfits, depending on the length of your Paris photo session and the chosen package. 


One of the ways to make your photos look special is to match the colors and style of your couple's outfits. 


If one of you feels like wearing an evening gown, another might also consider dressing up. You both can choose to wear casual, sporty or any other style you prefer.


The rule of thumb for looking awesome in your photos is to be yourself and wear what makes you happy in everyday life.


If you have doubts, please send me pictures of the outfits you are considering, and I will help you make the final choice for our photo session.


6. Choosing accessories for your elopement photoshoot in Paris

Accessories help to jazz up your look. 


You might consider wearing a hat, bringing an umbrella, scarf, musical instrument, flowers, balloons (ask me where to get them) or any object that represents you or your passion. You can even bring a bottle of champagne! Yes, the time has come for savouring the moment!


Accessories can help to feel more comfortable, for example, to occupy your hands when you pose. 


You can also use accessories as a connecting element for your couple's outfits. For example, to color coordinate a green bow tie of one partner with a green umbrella of another.

As your Paris photographer, I would love to remind you: Your photoshoot in Paris is in the first place about having fun and creating good memories. 


Take your time before the photoshoot to prepare, be creative, relaxed, bring your good mood. Let's create the Paris photo magic!

How to Prepare for A Couples Photo Session Checklist:

  • Book in advance to have enough time to prepare.
  • Share your story, your couple photoshoot ideas, your desires, some personal details with your Paris photographer, with me, that is.
  • Create a visual board for your couples photo session.
  • Choose your ideal Paris locations.
  • Make sure to drink and sleep enough. Avoid salty food, alcohol, and stress a few days before your Paris photo session.
  • Think about your looks and choose your outfits.
  • Ask me any questions. I am there to help.

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