The Best Photo Locations in Paris - Café Le Nemours

The Best Photo Locations in Paris - Café Le Nemours

Unfortunately this location is not available anymore. The managers decided to forbid it to photoshoots not to bother the other clients. 


Cafe Le Nemours is one of my favorite cafes for capturing stunning photographs of Paris. It is situated in an ideal location, my go-to area for a photoshoot in Paris, the Palais Royal.

You can find detailed information about the Palais Royal in Paris and the ideas for a fantastic photoshoot in the first part of this blog post about the best Paris photography locations

Today I will tell you more about one of the most famous cafes in Paris, café Le Nemours. You will also find new ideas for your stunning couple, solo, friends, or family photoshoot in this iconic Parisian venue.

Cafe Le Nemours Paris France - Your best cafe to experience Paris

Le Nemours is the getaway to one of the most beautiful places for a photo session in Paris, the Palais Royal. It is a few steps away from la Comedie Française and the French Ministry of Culture. 

If you are tight on time and want to squeeze into your day in Paris as much as possible, it is great to know that the Louvre Museum is just a bit further away across Colette Square.


Plan Your Photo Session and Your One Day in Paris

Start your day with a photo shoot and a relaxing breakfast at Café Le Nemours. Enjoy strolling and taking pictures at the beautiful garden of Palais Royal. Change the location and take a few shots around the Louvre Pyramids. You might consider taking a break and finish with visiting the Louvre Museum!

Le Nemours - Best traditional Paris Cafe

Le Nemours is a cafe with a truly Parisian-style terrace that looks so great on the camera.


Does this picture-perfect place look familiar to you?

You might have seen it in "The Tourist" movie, shot in 2010. Yes, Angelina Jolie was enjoying her drink at one of those tables!


If you are a fan of Eric Reinhart's books, you might remember him mentioning the cafe Le Nemours in one of his novels.


If you come to Le Nemours at lunchtime, don't be surprised if the venue is restricted for photoshoots.

This photogenic cafe attracts all kinds of local and international politicians. The cafe staff stand guard over their privacy and do not encourage touristic photography. On normal days, you are likely to spot the actors from the Comedie Francaise nearby, the fancy culture and fashion crowd, and of course, Parisians who work or just pass nearby. 

Paris Photoshoot ideas - don't miss this traditional Paris café

Café Le Nemours rightfully takes pride in their unique and cozy Parisian decor. It is an ideal spot to start or finish your Paris photoshoot.

Are you planning a Paris couple photoshoot?

I love to come over here in the morning with the couples in love to shoot Lovers' breakfast.


Get to the venue early enough to have a table of your choice and enjoy the beautiful morning light.. 

If you love prompts or accessories, bring them. We'll use them to stage all kinds of fun romantic situations. Your prompts might include a French beret, a book, a newspaper, or ... ta-da ... an engagement ring!


Imagine you and your loved one enjoying your coffee with perfect Parisian croissants, watching a chic Parisian crowd, looking natural, relaxed, and a bit French in the photos.

Take a stunning Instagram photo at Le Nemours!

There is something magical about a beautiful photo that contains some of the essential human needs: delicious food, drink, and a relaxing Parisian location.


Order a simple Croque Monsieur or a Latté for your Insta food photos at Le Nemours.


The architect Michael Malapert worked on the renovation of this cafe several years ago. He played with the traditional elements and the light, art deco, wood, and marble to preserve the unique character of the cafe Le Nemours. 


Your Instagram photo will look spectacular if you use the traditional blue of this cafe inside. If the light is nice, stay outdoors at the terrace and take pictures of the beautiful Parisian scenery. 

I hope you will enjoy your day in Paris at Le Nemours and the Palais Royal. Please send me your questions or share your gorgeous photos inspired by this article.


Next time we will be visiting the world famous Place Vendôme. Stay tuned!




​Le Nemours, 2 place Colette 75001 Paris

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