FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions by PhilArty Photography Clients

Dear travelers!

Here are some answers to the questions you might have.

If you don't find the information you are looking for, feel free to contact me.

I would be happy to help and to complete this list of questions :)

Where can I find the pricing and the different packages?
The pricing is available from the menu "Pricing" or here:
Elopement Photoshoot Pricing
Family Photo Session Pricing
Lifestyle Photoshoot Pricing
Civil Wedding Photoshoot Pricing

If you feel like you will need more time or you wish something more personalized, just send me an email with detailed information and we'll prepare together a package tailored to your needs.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel your photo session, while you already paid the deposit, please notify me by email at info@philarty.com as soon as possible.
The cancelation policy is as follows:  

1) If you cancel more than 1 month in advance of your photoshoot, I will refund you the deposit amount (less applicable bank charges around 3%). 

2)  If you cancel more than 1 week in advance of your photoshoot, I will issue you with a credit of the same value which you can use at any time in the future, with no expiration date. 

3) If you cancel less than 1 week in advance of your photoshoot, no credits or deposit refunds will be issued.

4) If you have to cancel in the event of an emergency (natural disaster, illness, direct family member emergency, or last-minute travel restrictions), I will issue you with a deposit credit of the same value which you can use at any time in the future, with no expiration date. 
What are the best places for a photoshoot in Paris?
The Eiffel Tower?! :) You can take cool pictures almost anywhere in Paris. Cafes, small streets, beautiful bridges at the Seine river, historical monuments. Paris is so photogenic! I shot dozens of gorgeous photo sessions in Paris, and I put together a guide of my favorite photo locations in the City of Love. I also share recommendations for the best angles and some photo tips. Check My Best Paris Locations.
How do we prepare for a photoshoot? What do we need to know?
This is one of the most commonly asked questions! Whether you are booking a Couple, Family, or Portrait photo session in Paris, you want to make sure you feel confident and adore the way you look on your photoshoot day. Use my recommendations from my post on “How To Prepare For an Amazing Photoshoot in Paris” Part 1 and Part 2.

I look forward to welcoming the fabulous yourselves to your Paris photoshoot!
How do we move between the photoshoot locations?
Walking in Paris is always a good idea. Provided, you don’t have to go too far. You can enjoy and explore your favorite city on foot. I tend to choose several locations for a photo session that are relatively close to each other. For 1 hour photoshoot we will stay in one area with several beautiful spots, for example, the Eiffel Tower area may include Trocadero place and gardens, the banks of the Seine and the Bir Hakeim bridge (not more than 10 minutes walk from each other). Don’t forget a pair of comfortable shoes together if you plan to wear high heels, stilettos, or pointy toes! 

Uber is the best option for moving between the photoshoot locations that are far (e.g. from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre). When you book a 2 or 3 hours photo session, we will probably have to use it to optimize your photoshoot time. Please remember that the cab ride's price (around 10-15€ for 3 persons) is not included in your photoshoot price.

Public transportation is another easy and affordable way to get around Paris.
The Paris metro is safe. Most of the photoshoot locations are within a short walking distance from a metro station.

The price of a metro ticket for journeys in the centre of Paris is €1.90, the pack of 10 tickets is at €16,90 (July  2021). Remember to keep your ticket until the end of your trip. You may need your Paris metro ticket at the exit or for control.

Some of my clients love exploring Paris by bus. Going by bus in Paris takes more time. The busses run less frequently, a bit less accessible and may get stuck in traffic. To save time, I usually don’t use buses to move between the photoshoot locations in Paris. However, you might love to explore Paris by bus on your own. Taking the bus can offer you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Parisian views out of the bus window. I encourage my travelers to take the bus at least once during their stay in Paris: 

Take line 72 from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre and enjoy some beautiful spots at the right bank of the Seine river.
Take line 96 to get from Place des Vosges to Saint Michel and the Latin Quarter passing through Hotel de Ville.
Take line 68 to pass the Musee d’Orsay, the Louvre and l’Opera Garnier.
You can use your metro ticket to ride the bus in Paris. It is better to purchase the tickets in advance in the metro. When you take it from the bus driver it's more expensive and does not allow any interconnection with other lines.
What happens in the event of rain?
It's rarely raining all day long here in Paris so we have several options:

Option 1 : we can make a "singing in the rain" photoshoot in Paris with umbrellas (you can ask your hotel to provide some or buy some funny ones with Paris attractions drawings on it or some colorful according to your outfit).

Option 2 : we postpone and start a bit later if our agendas allow it. If like pouring rain starts while we are shooting we'll find a café to wait until it's over and adapt the photo session time accordingly or

Option 3 : Palais Royal has a lot of covered galleries and spaces so that could be a good location for a rainy day photoshoot. 

Option 4 : We cancel and I reimburse the deposit (less applicable bank charges around 3%). 
Why the minimal package is for a 1 hour photo session?
A professional photo session takes time. As a rule, one hour is an absolute minimum to get great results. It might take time to built a connection between us and for you to feel comfortable and to get used to the camera. Sometimes many of really beautiful shots can be made closer to the end of the photoshoot when you are more relaxed.
How long until I can get the photos?
For the elopement, proposal, family, lifestyle photoshoots in Paris, I will send you a few selected pictures within 2 days following our photoshoot. This way you will have some images to share with the people you love or on Social while you are still in Paris. You will receive the full set within 2 weeks.
I can help you to select the photos to print or keep in a digital format.
How, in what format will I get the pictures?
The full set of your Paris photos will be delivered in a digital format in an online gallery secured with a password. You will be able to download them in high resolution if you wish to make big beautiful prints or in a web format which is lighter and more adapted for Instagram, Facebook or other online publications.