Paris Rainbow - LGBTQI+ Photography

Exhibition at Centre LGBTQI+ Paris : Rainbow Love Stories

During the summer 2020 I have started a new Instagram project Paris Rainbow dedicated to the LGBTQI+ love stories photography.


The idea of Paris Rainbow is to capture the emotions, the tenderness and the moments of complicity of LGBTQI+ couples, to show that love is love, it is natural and beautiful. 


"Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred, and hatred leads to violence. This is the equation." Averroès


I consider that homophobia comes from ignorance and I hope that showing to people how normal and natural LGBTQ+ love is, will allow them to have no fear and to accept it.  

Send me a message to book your photoshoot

The first shootings took place in Paris. I made an announcement on a LGBTQ facebook group and contacted several couples. Some of them accepted to pose for my camera and we spent wonderful time walking in the streets of Paris and making pictures.


Then I was going for holidays at the French Riviera in Nice and made an announcement on the local LGBTQ community page. There I got the one and only couple of girls who accepted! Thank you Pauline and Berenice :) Yes, it is quite complicated to find lesbian couples for my project. So if you are one and love the idea, feel free to contact me!