Surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower - Beautiful LGBT couple photos in Paris

Valentina & Christina surprise proposal in Paris - Sneak Peek

Beautiful LGBT couple photos in Paris. Surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower. How Valentina asked Christina.


"Phil is an absolute master of his craft. He manages to creatively create incredible photos and make the photoshoot in Paris a unique experience. You feel in good hands right from the start and have an incredible amount of fun even without previous shooting experience. I can only recommend Phil wholeheartedly for your photo session in Paris!" Christina


"Phil works with a super nice manner and makes the photoshoot very comfortable - you immediately feel at ease with him. It was so fun to work with him. We will always remember him! His talent is reflected in the photos made. We can only recommend him. 😊" Valentina



Photoshoot of a gorgeous lesbian couple at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.