Divyia & Haley - couple photoshoot in Paris - Capturing Love's Radiance in the Heart of Paris

Capturing Love's Radiance in the Heart of Paris


As an LGBTQI+ friendly photographer in Paris, I had the privilege of documenting a truly enchanting elopement photoshoot with Divyia and Haley, an inspiring couple from Texas.


Our journey began at the iconic Trocadéro Square, where their love shone brilliantly against the Eiffel Tower's majestic backdrop.


Walking hand in hand down Avenue de Camoens, their connection deepened with each step, making every frame a testament to their unwavering love.


Under the gentle embrace of the Bir Hakeim Bridge, Divyia and Haley's love story truly came to life. These moments were more than just photographs; they were an ode to love's beauty and resilience.


This lesbian elopement photoshoot in Paris with Divyia and Haley reminds us that love knows no boundaries, and Paris provided the perfect canvas for their love story.