Shaun and Richard's Stunning Parisian Elopement

Shaun and Richard's Stunning Parisian Elopement


Being an LGBTQI+ friendly photographer in Paris allows me to witness incredible love stories from around the world, and Shaun and Richard's elopement from Australia was nothing short of magical.


Their journey began amidst the lush beauty of the Tuileries Garden, where Caroline, the officiant, led a heartfelt ceremony that celebrated their love and commitment. Surrounded by the garden's charm, their love bloomed like the flowers around them.


We then embarked on a picturesque tour of Paris, capturing their love against iconic backdrops. From the grandeur of the Louvre to the timeless elegance of the Alexandre III Bridge, every moment was a testament to their deep connection.


As we strolled along Rue de l'Université, the Eiffel Tower loomed in the background, a symbol of their enduring love. The City of Light provided the perfect canvas for their love story, and every photograph reflects the joy and authenticity of their relationship.


This gay elopement photoshoot in Paris with Shaun and Richard reminds us that love transcends borders, and I'm honored to have been a part of their special day.