Sam & Alicia - engagement photoshoot in Paris by PhilArty - Sneak peek

Capturing Love's Essence: Sam & Alicia's Engagement Photoshoot in Paris


Join me on a journey through the enchanting streets of Paris, where love knows no boundaries. I had the pleasure of capturing the intimate moments of Sam and Alicia, a radiant lesbian couple, during their elopement photoshoot in the City of Love.


Against the iconic backdrop of the Eiffel Tower at Trocadero Square and Avenue de Camoens, we celebrated their love with champagne toasts, the Parisian skyline framing their joy.


Amongst the blooming magnolia trees and the elegant architecture of the Palais Royal, we embraced the beauty of nature intertwined with their love.


Our journey culminated at Café Le Royal, where amidst the chic ambiance, laughter and tender moments filled the air, reflecting Sam and Alicia's impeccable style.


As a passionate LGBTQIA photographer in Paris, I strive to capture the essence of love in every frame. Whether you're planning an elopement, engagement or simply seeking to immortalize your love story, let's create timeless memories together. Experience the magic of a gay and lesbian photoshoot in Paris through my lens.