Michael & Zain - Capturing Everlasting Love in Paris - Gay couple photoshoot

Capturing Everlasting Love in the City of Romance


Being a gay-friendly photographer in Paris allows me to witness and celebrate love stories like no other. Meeting Michael and Zain, a charismatic couple hailing from the US, was an absolute privilege. Our journey through the heart of Paris was filled with laughter, stolen glances and a profound connection that truly made this photoshoot an unforgettable experience.


From the enchanting Bir Hakeim Bridge, where their love danced against the backdrop of the Seine, to the charming Avenue de Camoens, where every step seemed to echo the beating of their hearts, the chemistry between Michael and Zain was undeniable.


But it was at Trocadéro Square, with the iconic Eiffel Tower standing tall behind them, that their love truly blossomed. Every frame captured the authenticity of their relationship – the whispered promises, the shared dreams, and the genuine joy of being together.


This gay elopement photoshoot in Paris with Michael and Zain reminds me once again that love knows no boundaries. The city's beauty perfectly mirrored the beauty of their love, and I am honored to have been the one to freeze these precious moments in time.