How to Prepare for an Amazing Couple Photoshoot in Paris - Part 1

How to prepare for an amazing love story photoshoot in Paris - Part 1

Top Tips from your Photographer in Paris

A couple’s photoshoot is one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences to have in Paris. Being a Paris photographer, I love helping my couples reduce stress before their photoshoot day. 


Most commonly, my clients ask me: How do we prepare for a couple's photo session? 


I would love to share some of my suggestions to help you with your elopement photoshoot prepping.


Use these tips to avoid stress and enjoy the day of your Paris couple photoshoot. 


1. Plan your Paris photoshoot in advance

To get it right, it helps not to leave your photoshoot planning to the very last moment. The earlier you confirm the date of your shoot, the more time we'll have for the preparation. 

Before Your Couple's Photo Session in Paris: Tell Me About Yourself

A memorable photo session is a result of a special connection between the photographer and the couple. 

Knowing some details about you will help me suggest more personal photoshoot ideas and take photos to reveal the real you.


Here is how we can start your Paris Photoshoot love story:

  • Tell me about yourself, your story, and what this trip to Paris means to you.
  • Have a beautiful or a funny memory to share? Tell me about them.
  • I'd love to know what you are passionate about and if you two have shared passions.

Please, share only the things that you are comfortable telling me. These intimate details will help me to know you better.

2. Create a visual board for your couple's photo session

Let's get visual! Tell me which of my portfolio photos you liked. 


You might have photos of other photographers you like. Please share them with me.


Do you have a Pinterest board or favorite Instagram accounts? You might want to share your favorite pins with me or create a new board to prepare for our Paris elopement photoshoot.

3. Choose your ideal Paris locations for your beautiful couple photo session in Paris


I love sharing local tips and bringing you to the famous or secret Parisian places.


But to start, I invite you to share with me the sites or the type of places you love. Are you a fan of street art, modern architecture, medieval streets, luxurious hotels, cozy cafes, romantic gardens? Tell me about it!


If you already have in mind a dream Paris location for your photoshoot, e.g., the Eiffel Tower or the Luxembourg garden, please share it with me.


You can find my list of some very photogenic Paris locations for your couples photo session inspiration on my blog here: Best Paris locations.


4. Do I really need to get my body ready for a photoshoot?

Do you really need to make an effort to prepare your body for a photoshoot? The answer might surprise you. You'll get it next week ;)


I'll tell you more about the outfit as well. Stay tuned!