Photo session by the Louvre. Stunning locations for photoshoots in Paris

As mentioned in the previous article about the Tuileries Garden, Louvre is the most visited museum in the world with 9.6 million visitors in 2019. After the garden let's get closer to the museum building itself.

Louvre - Pyramids and the Cour Carrée (Square Courtyard)

The Louvre Museum complex looks good in the frame no matter which way you look at it! Here you can find anything you ever wanted from photography, from classical architecture of the palace itself to the more recent style of glass pyramids, from tranquility of the Cour Carrée (Square Court) to all sorts of picturesque galleries and arches.

Ideal for photoshoots in street style, fashion or elopement styles.

To get there: Go by subway to Palais-Royal - Musée du Louvre metro station.



Photographer's tip:

On Tuesdays state museums in Paris are closed and there are fewer tourists around

so maybe that would be the best day for a photoshoot by the Louvre.