Spring in Paris is gorgeous. Photoshoot with magnolias in bloom.

I'm used to work with Natasha on a regular basis for a few years now. She is perfect and I'm not talking just about her beauty. Sometimes she just calls and say: "Well, it's been a while we haven't shot! Do you have any inspiration these days?" And of course I have always inspiration for her :)


A few years ago I have seen on Instagram beautiful pictures of a lady wearing a hat under blossoming magnolia tree in Paris. I was really jealous of this image and obsessed with this shooting idea. So I submitted it to Natasha who found it exciting... but we had to wait... Indeed, magnolia is blossoming during only 2 weeks a year. In Paris it's usually in March.

So we therefore waited and followed the weather forecast and finally our time had come! We borrowed beautiful hat and head jewelry from my friend and the best Parisian milliner: Sandrine Bourg. If you ever need an original hat for a reception, a wedding or for any other event, run to her atelier close to Place des Vosges. My friend Katia who is a photographer as well accepted to give us a huge support and here we are, at Parc Bagatelle near Paris for this spring photoshoot with the gorgeous Natasha and the splendid magnolia blossoms !