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Place Vendôme - Read these secrets shared by your Parisian Photographer for a perfect photoshoot in Paris

Hello friends, I promised to tell you more about the best locations in Paris to take stunning pictures. Today, I will tell you about Place Vendôme, probably known as the most opulent and chic Parisian square. At the end of this article, you can find my Paris photography tips.


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Add Place Vendôme to your list of the best photo locations in Paris

This splendid square is often seen as the epitome of opulence and luxury we usually associate with France and Paris. No wonder, so many prestigious French brands love shooting commercials there. 


The Place Vendôme is situated in the first arrondissement in Paris, close to the Louvre, the Tuileries Garden and the Palais Royal.


The world-famous jewelry houses Boucheron, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and the jewelry departments of Chanel and Dior call the Vendôme square home. Almost at any time of the year, you may witness a happy couple living out their Parisian elopement story here. If you ever dreamt of taking the love of your life to shop for the most stunning engagement ring that would turn heads, Place Vendôme is the right address.

The Fascinating History of the Place Vendôme

Place Vendôme is one of the five "royal squares" in Paris.


The first owner of this area in Paris was the Duke of Mercœur, who owned a mansion with beautiful gardens in the center of Paris on this site. Later, Jules Hardouin Mansart, the favorite architect of the French King Louis XIV, purchased the land. Mansart was planning to design a square in honor of King Louis XIV.


Finally, in 1686, King Louis XIV ordered to build Place Vendôme as a square to embody absolute power. King saw Place Vendôme as a glorious setting to celebrate victories and achievements of the French state in the very heart of Paris.


The highest French beau monde visited the fine square. Queen Marie-Antoinette, Empress Josephine, the noble Royal families, and even the crowned heads of Europe started coming here to choose their most beautiful jewelry pieces. 

The original name of Place Vendôme was Place Louis le Grand. The noble couples could admire the column erected in the center of the Vendôme square that represented King Louis XIV.


However, this column got destroyed during the French Revolution!

Place Vendôme: From King to Emperor

The newest Vendôme column, constructed in 1810, refers to Napoleon and the French empire. It is about 44 meters in height. The statue of Napoleon on the top is dedicated to the victory of the Grande Armée over the Austrian and Russian troops in Austerlitz in 1805.


This statue, too, was torn down by the Parisians when the Paris Commune ended in 1871. It was put back again in 1875.

Canons of the Vendôme column

For a long time, it was believed that the bronze of the Vendôme column is originated from 1200 cannons taken by the Napoleonic army from the Russian and Austrian troops in Austerlitz.


However, some historians point to the fact that the captured cannons could be too small. The Vendôme column is made of stone, lined with bronze bas-reliefs, possibly partially poured from the guns of the defeated armies.

From Royal Couples to Celebrities at Ritz

The five-star Hôtel Ritz on Place Vendôme has always been loved by the rich and famous. Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charlie Chaplin stayed at the Ritz during their visits to Paris. Coco Chanel even called Hôtel Ritz her home. She lived here for over 30 years. 


Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Al-Fayed also visited the Ritz on a very particular occasion. On August 30 of 1997, the famous couple had their last dinner in the Imperial Suite at the Hôtel Ritz.


The opulence of this splendid Palace can serve as a magnificent location for an extravagant elopement photoshoot in Paris. 


Among the contiguous facades of Place Vendôme, you can find the Ministry of Justice and rows of perfect buildings rendered in the style of French classicism.

Paris Photography Tips :

Place Vendôme is a fantastic Parisian location for Lifestyle Photography. Use the reflections of the high-end jewelry shop windows for a touch of glamour in Paris street-style photos on your blog. 


Create graphic compositions with the Vendôme column in the center of the square or take a shot against the elegant neoclassical buildings. It is fairly easy to find a good angle on this square thanks to the regular and uniform facades of the buildings and the shades always present on this square.


Because of the shades, you can be lucky with the light at any time of the day here. However, you can enjoy it in its whole glory in the early morning when it is significantly less crowded.


If you are traveling to Paris in late November or December, come here to enjoy the huge Christmas trees all around the square. 

Everything around is so glittery, shiny, and perfectly Christmas-y! 

Come here in the evening to enjoy the whole splendour and think of playing with the reflections of the beautiful Christmas lights in your photos. Your images will be filled with Parisian magic and good mood,


And of course, Place Vendôme is an excellent and very romantic location to photograph your Love story: Pre-wedding, Engagement or your Parisian kiss.


How to get to Place Vendôme in Paris

The closest metro stations to Place Vendôme are the Opera (Line 3 or 7), Tuileries (Line 1 or 8) or Madeleine (Line 8). Place Vendôme is within a walking distance from the Louvre, Palais Royal or the Tuileries Garden. You can also rent a bike or an electric scooter to go for a ride around this magnificent square.


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