Photoshoot at the Eiffel tower. The best places to take your photos in Paris - Trocadero square

Photo session at Trocadero in front of the Eiffel tower. Most beautiful locations for photoshoot in Paris.

I’m sure, there’s no need to describe the beauty of this city. Many have done it in better words than I’m capable of :) But when and where to photograph or be photographed in Paris is totally another question! I've put together a list of some Parisian locations that are suitable for photography and worth visiting anyway.

And yes, if you're tired of begging your companion to “Hey, snap me okay and not as the last time” or sick of various selfies with a tense face, you are most welcome to contact me for a photoshoot with your Parisian photographer;)


Below, I’ll give you a brief description of the place first followed by a few photographs as examples and a pin on the map.


Eiffel Tower (full face) - Trocadero Square

The square of Trocadero leading away to the Human Freedoms and Rights Esplanade offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower. This is an ideal location for shooting a love story (romantic walk) or family photography but be prepared to get up early to avoid crowds of tourists !


If you wish to order balloons for your photoshoot, these can be delivered to this place hassle-free.


It is quite easy to reach: you can either take a taxi to Place du Trocadéro or use underground to Trocadéro station (junction of 6 and 9 lines, see the map below).


From the Esplanade you can descend to the Trocadero Gardens and take more pictures against the fountains and the Eiffel Tower. Fountains are a spectacular group of 20 guns, and they work throughout the entire warm season. When it's very hot, and despite the ban, Parisians and guests of the city like to sit around with their feet it the water, or even try to dive in but the basin is quite shallow...

One of my subscribers, a stylish Parisian lady, reminded to also take a picture at a merry-go-round just outside the Trocadero gardens. If you stand facing the tower, you'll see the carousel on your right-hand side. By the way, you can ride it and have yourself photographed along the way but for this you'll need to ask for permission. The guys attending to the carousel are quite easygoing and don't mind such requests. Especially when we photograph a bride in her white dress, it's always an “oh-la-la” sort of reaction! :) Generally, officials nearly always accommodate. Personally I can remember only one episode in the Tuileries gardens when the carousel attendant really protested against our photoshoot but I have to admit nobody had warned him beforehand, so it was really our fault after all...


I'm going to update this list of photo-locations on a regular basis, so please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions. Let me know what you'd like to see or read about in this blog :)


Further on, I want to take a different angle on the Eiffel Tower.


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