Shalini, Praveen & kids - photoshoot in Paris at the Palais Royal and the Louvre by PhilArty - Sneak peek

Capturing Precious Moments in the Heart of Paris: Shalini, Praveen and their two children embarked on a memorable family photoshoot amidst the enchanting landmarks of Paris


As a family photographer in Paris, I had the wonderful opportunity to document the charming family of Shalini, Praveen and their two adorable kids amidst the romantic backdrop of the City of Light.


Our family photoshoot began at the enchanting Palais Royal, where the family's laughter and joy echoed through the rainy Parisian streets. Despite the weather, their spirits remained undampened as we continued our adventure through the iconic Louvre. Against the backdrop of art and history, we captured moments of warmth and connection that truly encapsulated the essence of family.


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