Ricardo in Paris - lifestyle photoshoot in Paris at the Palais Royal - Sneak Peek

Capturing Urban Elegance: Ricardo's Street Style Photoshoot in the Heart of Paris


As an influencer photographer in Paris, I had the pleasure of capturing the vibrant energy and unique style of Ricardo, a New Yorker with roots in Haiti, experiencing the charm of Paris for the first time.


Our street style photoshoot journeyed through iconic landmarks such as the Pont des Arts, the Louvre pyramids and the Palais Royal adorned with blooming magnolia trees.


Against this picturesque backdrop, Ricardo's personality and fashion sense truly shined, reflecting the essence of urban elegance amidst the romantic streets of Paris.


If you're seeking a lifestyle photoshoot or street style photo session in Paris to capture your own unique story, let me be your photographer, capturing the essence of your style against the backdrop of this remarkable city. Contact me today to schedule your unforgettable photoshoot experience in Paris.