Marley, Cody and family - engagement photoshoot in Paris by PhilArty - Sneak peek

Capturing Love and Family:

Marley and Cody's Magical Engagement Photoshoot in Paris


As a couple photographer in Paris, I had the immense pleasure of documenting the enchanting engagement of Marley & Cody amidst the romantic backdrop of the City of Love.


Our photoshoot began near the iconic Eiffel Tower on the Bir Hakeim bridge, where Marley's family joined us to celebrate this joyous occasion. Amidst the breathtaking views and shared laughter, we captured beautiful moments of love and connection that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Continuing our adventure, we ventured to the enchanting Palais Royal, where Cody and Marley shared intimate moments amidst the blooming magnolia trees.


And then we explored the charming surroundings of the Café Le Royal and its nearby streets, where Cody and Marley's love blossomed against the backdrop of Parisian elegance. Each photograph reflected not only their deep affection for one another but also the excitement of their upcoming journey together.


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