Juliana & Elvia - mother-daughter photoshoot in Paris at the Palais Royal & the Eiffel Tower

Navigating the Elegance of Paris: Elvia and Juliana, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, allowed me the privilege of capturing their unique stories against the backdrop of this timeless city.


Our journey unfolded with a lifestyle photoshoot at the enchanting Palais Royal, where each moment seemed to be a chapter in their vibrant lives.


From the picturesque Le Royal café to the majestic Trocadero square with the Eiffel Tower in the background, we embraced the essence of Paris in every frame.


While the focus was on individual lifestyle portraits, the connection and love between Elvia and Juliana were beautifully woven into a few frames, showcasing the unspoken bond that ties them together.


If you're envisioning a family photoshoot, lifestyle session or capturing the beauty of relationships in Paris, I would be honored to be your family photographer, preserving the authenticity and elegance of your story.