Jenny, Nick & girls - photoshoot in Paris at the Palais Royal and the Louvre - Sneak peek

Blooming Memories: Capturing Family Joy at the Palais Royal in Paris

Embarking on a sunny morning adventure with the lovely family of four—Jenny, Nick, and their two bundles of joy—was nothing short of enchanting.


Our family photoshoot commenced at the Palais Royal, where the blooming magnolia trees provided a dreamy backdrop.


As the family embraced the joyous atmosphere, the Louvre stood majestically in the background, adding a touch of grandeur to each frame. The girls, brimming with energy, ran through the sunlit courtyard, leaving trails of laughter that echoed among the historic walls.


We then meandered towards the Pont des Arts, capturing a timeless moment with the Eiffel Tower gracing the distant skyline.


It was heartwarming to witness this family's love and playfulness against the iconic landmarks of Paris!


For those seeking a family photoshoot at the Louvre or a family photo session in Paris that encapsulates the essence of joy, consider your search complete. As a family photographer in Paris, it's my joy to freeze these cherished moments in time.