Dipti, JJ, Arun & Neena - family photoshoot in Paris  by PhilArty - Sneak peek

Cherished Moments: A Family Photoshoot in the Heart of Paris


Navigating the charming streets of Paris with Dipti, JJ and their two adorable children, Arun and Neena, was an absolute pleasure.


Our afternoon began under the golden sun at Place Dauphine, where the family's radiant smiles lit up the square.


From there, we wandered to the historic Pont Neuf, capturing moments of joy and laughter against the backdrop of the Seine River.


As we strolled along the river banks, the beauty of Paris enveloped us, creating the perfect setting for our family photoshoot.


Dipti and her family exuded warmth and love, making my job as their photographer an absolute joy.


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