Dana, Dawn and their families - photoshoot in Paris at the Eiffel Tower  - Sneak peek

Capturing Joy: a Parisian adventure of two families by the Eiffel Tower



Embarking on a memorable journey with two wonderful families, Dana, Mat and their lively sons, Cameron and Connor, joined forces with Dawn, Ryan and their charming daughters, Presley and Raegan, for a spectacular photoshoot in the heart of Paris.


Our chosen canvas? The iconic Trocadero square, with the Eiffel Tower standing tall in the background, setting the stage for a picturesque family photo session.


As the families interacted and shared laughter, the Eiffel Tower added a touch of timeless elegance to each frame. The radiant smiles, the playful interactions and the shared moments were like pieces of a carefully crafted visual story.


Being a family photographer in Paris, it's moments like these, against the backdrop of the city's landmarks, that make each session truly special. Ready to weave your own Parisian story? Contact me today and let's plan your dream photoshoot.