Claudia, Shawn & family - photoshoot in Paris at the Palais Royal and Opera Garnier by PhilArty - Sneak peek

Capturing Elegance and Resilience: Claudia, Shawn, Harrison and Ana's Parisian Family Photoshoot


As a family photographer in Paris, I had the pleasure of photographing the radiant family of Claudia, Shawn, their son Harrison, and Claudia's mom, Ana.


The Palais Royal provided a magnificent backdrop for our family photoshoot, with its elegant architecture and lush gardens setting the stage for timeless moments captured through my lens.


Claudia and Ana, adorned in stunning long dresses, exuded grace and sophistication, while Shawn and Harrison brought an air of joy and camaraderie to every frame.


However, as Paris sometimes does, the weather took an unexpected turn and raindrops began to fall. Undeterred, we sought refuge in the opulent halls of the Opera Garnier, where the grandeur of the setting only added to the magic of the moment.


Despite the weather's antics, our family photo session continued seamlessly, weaving together a tapestry of memories that will be cherished for years to come.


For those seeking a family photographer in Paris to capture their own moments of love and laughter, look no further ;)